Shashlick Marinade


Shashlick Marinade
Our Shashlick marinade is a delicious ‘appetiser’ recipe and it is served on a bed of rice usually or sometimes with Pilau or for that complete meal serve with your choice of Indian breads.

Net content 28g
Serves 4

For best results ensure that you use fresh chicken and it is important to marinate the meat for a good 2 to 3hrs.

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Shashlik marinade is a popular marinade used in various Middle Eastern, Central Asian, and South Asian cuisines. While its exact origins are difficult to trace, shashlik itself is a dish commonly associated with the Caucasus region, particularly Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Russia.

The marinade used for shashlik typically consists of a combination of acidic ingredients, such as vinegar or lemon juice, along with oil, herbs, and spices. The specific ingredients and proportions may vary depending on regional preferences and personal taste.

The origins of shashlik marinade can be attributed to the culinary traditions of the Caucasus region, where skewered meat cooked over an open flame has been a popular method of cooking for centuries. The marinade helps to tenderise the meat, infuse it with flavour, and prevent it from drying out during the grilling process.

Over time, shashlik and its marinade spread to other parts of the world through trade, migration, and cultural exchange. As a result, different variations of shashlik marinade have emerged in different regions, incorporating local spices and flavours.

Today, shashlik marinade continues to be enjoyed in various parts of the world, often with regional adaptations and modifications. It has become a popular choice for marinating and grilling different types of meat, including lamb, beef, chicken, and even vegetables.

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