Spice Kits for a Tasty, Healthier Fakeaway Curry !

We are a nation of curry lovers!

With the help of one of our hand-blended spice kits, the tastier, healthier version of your favourite dish can be created in just 25-minutes.

From a flavoursome dhansak to a dopiaza, our curry kits provide the spices and herbs so you can cook with ease at home.

Twisted Curry Spice Kits are so easy to use, cost effective and above all tasty!

As well as ordering online with delivery to your door, we also attend lots of foodie events so you can meet us in person.

Authentic Curry in Just 25 Minutes! 

Ordering a takeaway curry isn’t always quicker than cooking your own.

Our Indian spice packs remove the guesswork from curry preparation.

Using fresh ingredients is healthier for you and your family.

Curry lovers have discovered our handcrafted, artisan curry kits and order from us time and again.

One of the most popular and relaxed curries is the dhansak.

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The Iconic Curry

Dhansak is an excellent curry, full of contrasting, complex flavours, containing a mix of varied textures.

It’s a perfect dish for the weekend. 

The dish itself originates in the Parsi Zoroastrian community, playfully combining Persian and Gujarati cuisines.

In Parsi homes, this curry is traditionally made on a Sunday.

This curry is known for its lengthy list of spices and herbs which can be a challenge to get individually. 

Let us ‘take away’ the guesswork! 

Is This Curry Hot?

This particular curry is on the mild to medium side.

Its combination of sweet and sour notes matches the traditional use of lentils and the delicate flavour of fennel.

If you prefer whacking up the heat, then you can add fresh chillies.

Or for those that have a milder palate, then adding mango chutney will even out the heat.

Is Using a Spice Kit Easy? 

We tend to rely on more convenient methods, such as phoning up for takeaway, or stocking up jars of pre-made curry sauce.

Yet our new customers tell us time and again how easy it is to cook your own at home!

As with any dish, first of all you need to organise your fresh ingredients for your dish.

These could include meat, vegetables, pulses and dry goods such as the rice for your dish.

Then our expertise enables you to make a great dish by following our recipe cards (one is provided with each spice kit).

Our knowledge of the herbs and spices you require makes it even easier to cook with confidence.

Can I Swap or Change Ingredients? 

The beauty of cooking your own curries is you can put your personal preferences into the mix!

It could be you are cooking for someone with dietary needs, which means you can replace ingredients if needed.

A traditional dhansak involves lentils, which are well worth the wait in terms of prepping them.

However, if you don’t have time or are not keen on this foodstuff, then you could use potato, or squashes such as pumpkins.

Layers of Flavour

Our kits are well known for helping create those layers of flavour.

We have a range of 23 different spice combinations that will tempt the taste buds.

The dhansak is one of the more fragrant curries and has a complex mix of spices and some soft herbs.

Our research into each of our handcrafted packs is exhaustive and we carefully source and blend each combination in our own kitchens. 

A stunning curry is meant to take you on a culinary journey, giving your tastebuds a workout in the comfort of your own home. 

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to make a perfect curry in your kitchen!

See our curry kits here:


What About Other Curry Flavours?

Our spice kits include all our favourite dishes, from a rogan josh to pasanda. 

The blends we create vary from gentle and mild to ones that can really ramp up the heat rating.

Using spice kits that are carefully created means the trickiest part of cooking a curry is taken care of.

And they’re so easy to order from our website for fast home delivery.

We all have our favourite curry types.

However, as you gain confidence, you’ll become even more adventurous and try different combinations.

H3 How Do You Prepare Your Products?

With up to 25 herbs and spices in our kits, you can guess what our own preparation kitchen smells like!

Each of our packs is created with the same accuracy and attention to detail.

We use the finest ingredients and our environmentally friendly packaging means you can be just a little bit greener.

And what you see is what you get.

There are no hidden ingredients either, just a wonderful combination of herbs and spices.

Suitable for Vegans, Gluten Free and Dairy Free Diets

Our spice kits are suitable for vegans, gluten free diets, and dairy free diets.

If you have allergies or dietary requirements, find out more on our FAQs page.

FAQs … Need a little help?

The Twisted Curry Company 

 The Twisted Curry Company is based in a stunning part of East Yorkshire. 

We are a proud, family-run, independent company.

Back in 2010, we couldn’t seem to find a faster way of creating a healthy, hearty and authentic curry dish.

As the UK loves its curries, we decided to do it ourselves and created a range of British favourites spice combinations in our curry kits.

This means you create your curry quickly without any hassle.

Take a curry-inspired culinary tour of our website! https://thetwistedcurry.co.uk

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