Dietary Restrictions

“Lets Talk Healthy”

For your piece of mind, NO BADDIES in our Curry Kits … Only GOODIES….

We are very proud to be able to declare that we use only 100% freshly ground spices in our Twisted Curry kits. Especially created for your culinary pleasure, our Curry spice kits are sugar free, gluten free, additive free, preservatives free, colourings free, oil free and paleo friendly. This guilt free gastronomic experience serves between 6 – 8 people and is suitable for meat, vegetarian and vegan preferences.

Each pack provides you with a healthy recipe to add to your growing collection and the easy methods are ideal for getting the children involved. Slow cooker friendly for that work life balance, why not create a wholesome curry experience for the whole family?

*Grill buddies are not gluten and sugar free.

Meet the Twisted Family …

So join us for a celebration of cardamom and cumin, curries, spice mix, marinades, fruity rice and more – plus a range of your favourite curry inspired dishes. Experience the spicy, the sweet, the hot and sometimes just the simple family dishes we all miss… the warmest hug from our ever-smiling TWISTED FAMILY!

FANTASTIC ON ALL SLIMMING PLANS: Use low calorie spray, fat free yogurt or creme fraiche and add extra vegetables